EE Romania

EE Romania was born in 1991, after several Romanian pastors were invited to Fort Lauderdale to be trained. On their return, they began promoting and implementing this work in the local churches under the name Evanghelizare Masivă.  In 1992  George Verzea was appointed as national director. He has implemented EE in the main cities of Romania as well as in the neighbouring countries. In 1994, following a partnership with an international organisation, the EE team expanded and for two years the work spread throughout the country. Two years later  Samuel Mitrofan  joined the EE team, and after George Verzea was appointed European Vice-President, he became the national director. The EE Romania team has managed to develop the ministry at a national level and many churches are now open for implementation. They see the need to find a good TOOL that would help them equip their members so that they will be able to share the Gospel more effectively in the context of their everyday life. It is a good time to work together to implement this ministry throughout our country. We have a lot of potential in our churches. Christians in Romania can have a huge impact with the Gospel in the whole world! 

We believe that EE Romania is one of the most necessary ministries in the country. There is a great deal of potential for service in our churches, but the main problem is that most Christians are not trained in sharing the Gospel. They need to be equipped so that, through evangelization and discipleship, they will be able to multiply themselves spiritually, and then prepared to get engaged in any ministry available in their local churches. We believe that EE  is the most suitable tool available today to help believers grow and become mature leaders capable of getting involved in the church ministry!