Mission trip to Azuga

With the help of the Lord, last weekend we organized a missionary trip to Prahova Valley, in the localities Azuga and Buşteni, where the evangelical presence is very low. Together with the youth from Timisoara, two other teams, from Bucharest and Ploiesti, participated. Thus we gathered 44 people, determined to let ourselves be used by God in the work of spreading the Gospel. Therefore, on Saturday morning we organized ourselves into 14 teams of 3-4 people and we went out on in the streets of the two cities, armed with vegetable seeds, questionnaires, brochures for the promotion of the app “Bible for children” as well as Bibles for children. For about three hours, each team experienced what the Lord left as an assignment to every believer, namely the joy of sharing the good news of salvation! After lunch, we went to the city park where we had activities with children and young people who were present. More than 25 children and about 20 young people joined us and had the opportunity to listen to the Gospel and connect with our young people.

At the end of Saturday we realized that about 200 people were approached, 128 of whom were interested in listening to the Gospel. Many of them have been touched by the word of God and we hope that the seed planted in their hearts will bring fruit!

Sunday morning we enjoyed to be at the Pentecostal Church in Săcele, near Brașov, where we shared experiences from the outreach and  encouraged the brethren to preach the Gospel to those around them. We hope to get back to Săcele to organize a training seminar in personal evangelism and together with them to continue the work begun in the area. May the Lord be praised this time again for all that has been done!

“In the evangelism outreach in Azuga, we approached about 15 people. Between these people, there were two girls and a mother that I felt the Word had more impact than on the others. It’s encouraging to see that when you put yourself at His disposal, He works. I will continue to pray that He will work on the heart of these girls and the seed that I have planted to bear fruit for their salvation.” Rebeca, Timişoara.

“The ministry in Azuga was a unique experience, I could say, in the sense that new people could hear the Gospel, others even making the decision to follow Jesus. We continue to pray for them, that God may grow the seed that is planted in their hearts.” Anca, Deva.

“I had a blessed time at Azuga and I am glad that God put me in such a context in which I could share the Gospel and at the same time enjoy His presence. Every time we share the Gospel, God is present, and I was glad that I was able to see His guidance during these days, either through the words used or through deeds.” Mălina, Timişoara.

“In Bușteni city I met a lady who was selling honey. Following the approach to talk to her about Christ, I discovered that she was in a state of dissatisfaction with her life. We used our context and managed to follow up on a discussion that had the Lord Jesus in the center. March 30, 2019 was the day Mrs. Corina heard the Gospel! We were glad to hear that at some point in her life, this woman had the opportunity to work with a Christian man and I understand how important it is to have a good testimony in front of people. If at the beginning of the conversation lady Corina had an repulsive attitude, during the discussion I realized that she is a sensitive woman who has wounds in her soul. She made herself vulnerable to us, and by the end of the conversation, we were able to see her smile but also tears in her eyes.” Alina, Râmnicu Sărat.

“For me personally, this work at Azuga meant a lot. Maybe because it was the first one of its kind. I was pleasantly impressed by people. We approached groups of young people, less young people, lonely people, old people, with different opinions. Pleasantly impressed, because people were open to hear the Gospel and also to hear about God. As a first experience I would say that I also asked questions and talked about God with the leaders and received answers that not only helped me, but opened my eyes to some extent. Azuga needs our prayers, there is a great lack of God, and I am very glad that we did this work in Azuga, because people there need God, just like all of us. From our time on the road, to the outreach in the streets and talking to people, and to the personal talks I had with the leaders, it all meant a lot to me. And I would certainly repeat the experience and encourage you to do such work. There are indeed people who may discourage you, who “are not curious” to hear the word of God, but for a large majority, you will be a blessing! Bianca, Timisoara.

“For me it was the first time I practiced this technique of evangelism, and I was amazed by the openness of the people in Azuga, even when they are confronted with the truth. I am grateful to God that He allowed me to be present and that I could be part of His work.” Andra, Deva.

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