YCF Black Sea – Mamaia 2018

During 22nd-26th of August there took place in Mamaia the Christian music festival YCF Black Sea. There were present more music groups well known among young people (BBSO, Decean, Johnny Vatran, Casa Tâmplarului, De pe alta planeta, Not an Idol and Proconsul) but also two speakers (Cristian Sonea and Amiel Drimbe) who delivered biblical messages during the evening meetings which took place in the resort. Besides music, the festival also included sports activities and art workshops. We were happy to have been invited to hold the evangelism seminar and share the Gospel together with all the participants who have joined us. During our three seminar sessions we have enjoyed the presence of almost 80 people from different parts of the country. We went out for practice with our trainees in pairs of three people and shared the Gospel with tens of persons which we approached by the help of a questionnaire. Together with us we also had the volunteers from Youth with a Mission – Constanța.

We thank the Lord for this opportunity to share the Gospel but also to the organizers of the festival for their initiative.

„As a participant at the evangelism workshop hold during YCF I can say that I felt encouraged to fulfill the command of our Lord Jesus to make disciples. I have received very clear theoretical teachings which have been followed by examples. Each day we went out in the resort to apply what we had learned, we interacted with people by the help of a questionnaire related to their satisfaction in life. This questionnaire has helped us very much to see the people’s needs before sharing the Gospel.
At the end of this experience I can say that the Lord has touched me and I am ready to apply this kind of evangelism and make disciples for His glory.” – Sara

„I have always wanted to evangelize people and I did it as I could, trying to learn from different people! With this training I have learned many super beneficial methods (especially the questionnaire), through which I can approach people and I can begin a conversation, without them running from me (from the first try ☺) and more than that to have them telling us at the end that when we had asked them to help us fill in the questionnaire, they would not guess that the discussion was to be about God! All the illustrations and stories presented during the course come to help me but also those who hear us and thus people can understand much better what I am trying to say. This training should be presented in every church from my point of view, because there are so many believers who want to evangelize but do not know how to do this!” – Raluca

„During the festival there was a great need for equipping people in how to share the Gospel. I can say that during the three days of workshop the Lord has talked to us and blessed the time that we put aside especially for doing evangelism. Before that I participated to some evangelism courses but the one at YCF had a plus and this was practice during on the job training.” – Georgiana