Mission to the Republic of Moldova November 7-12, 2019

I had the great joy and honor to join for 6 days the beautiful work in Moldova. I have worked these days with a team of dedicated and passionate believers, to encourage and equip the churches, to be as well prepared and efficient in preaching the Gospel and in making disciples that multiply.

For four days I had several meetings with pastors and church leaders dedicated to God, passionate about the work of shepherding and discipleship. Pastors and leaders from over 20 churches (small and large) participated in these meetings. Together we learned ways to mobilize churches for evangelism as a way of life, as well as helping believers to realize their impact in their circle of influence and how to be more effective in sharing their faith in their daily life.

In a few evenings we held seminars on how to share your faith, in four locations, where over one thousand believers from around 10-15 churches participated.

On several days we got involved in street evangelism, but on Sunday, in particular, more than 50 believers came to a brief training, after which, divided into more than 16 teams, we went out to do street evangelism using a questionnaire and a presentation of the Gospel in 5 steps. We were pleased to see the enthusiasm and joy of the believers who approached over 150 people, of whom more than 120 heard the gospel presentation and over 28 people showed interest in being contacted later to meet for further Bible insight. Two people have decided to follow our Lord Jesus Christ.

This vast and complex work of these 6 days in Moldova has given us heavenly joy to many of those who have been involved and motivated us to be more dedicated to the enlargement of the Kingdom of God, working with Him and leaving His Spirit do His work, both in us and through us in people’s lives.

May God bless you all with a greater dedication to sharing your faith and experiencing His joy! (Daniel Cociuba)